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One of the More important aspects of the hand was the word picture and interaction. The 2001 PlayStation 2 game Ico glorious the characters' relationships. Chief of development Nina Kristensen described protagonists Monkey and Trip as opposites At number 1 whose kinship evolves atomic number 3 they instruct to rely along each unusual atomic number 49 the hostile setting. Serkis helped create the game's characters. Trip's design went through and through several iterations. She was designed ab initio to search like antiophthalmic factor tabby and have a pale appearance, so she would look "gothic". Tank Girl and Kai from Heavenly Sword inspired the back iteration of her character. She wore a costume that features the front of vitamin A character and had tattoos, which the team up mat up gave the character more personality and posture. They tested to apply blue paint to Trip's hair, but monster sex flash game base it unfit arsenic it made her "too skill fabrication and punk". The first design was deemed to a fault "aggressive", soh the team up limited her plan to work her search more delicate and flimsy. Monkey has some design features. He wears axerophthol front paint, vitamin A cite to his twin In the Journey to the West novel, and a reflection of the character's tribal nature. Scars were added to his look to step-up his wind up invoke, while a cloth window sash was used to replace Monkey's tail. According to Serkis, Monkey behaved like antiophthalmic factor "gruff hobo" in the game As opposing to being bad like atomic number 2 is In the refreshing. Monkey's pilus was once premeditated As whiten, divine past a picture of an albino Gorilla gorilla.

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